Wooden doors are extremely durable when they have been properly treated, good quality wooden doors can for around 30 Years.

Advantages of Wooden Doors

· Wood is more aesthetically pleasing and more prestigious than fibre glass.

· Wood is a renewable resource.

· Wood can be easily repaired if scratched.

· When replacing wooden doors, they are easier to work with than fiberglass doors.

Disadvantages of Wooden Doors

· Require maintenance.

· If not treated properly can warp in harsh weather.

· Low quality wooden doors can fade.

· Slightly less energy efficient.

Advantages of Fiberglass Doors

· Low maintenance.

· Less likely to rust, rot, bow, warp or deteriorate.

· Slightly more energy efficient.

· Can be stained to look like wood.

Disadvantages to Fiberglass Doors

· Not as aesthetically pleasing as wooden doors.

· Fiberglass doors are a more expensive investment.

· Made from non-renewable resources.

· More complicated and expensive to install than wooden doors.

Why We Love Wooden Doors

Although it is possible to buy a fiberglass door with a wooden effect, they still don’t achieve the same aesthetic effect that wooden doors do! It is safe to say that wooden doors have a beautiful look and are certainly the more prestigious option.

The natural aesthetics of a wooden door will always trump what can be achieves synthetically with a fiberglass door.

Here at Brickcraft Bespoke we provide a full range of internal and external wooden doors including bi-fold doors. As all of our products are bespoke, we can work closely with you to ensure you achieve the perfect door for your style and property.

For more information on bespoke wooden internal and external doors contact Brickcraft Bespoke on - 0115 938 9676