The Many Benefits of Using Reclaimed Timber in Your Interior

If you consider yourself an eco-warrior, a hygge enthusiast, or a lover of all things rustic, then perhaps you’ve already incorporated some woody textures into your home. At the dawn of this new era of sustainability, there’s never been a better time to use reclaimed timber to spruce up your interior.

We’ve listed some of the many ways in which you can benefit from its warmth, character and eco-friendliness. Whether it be furniture, doors or panelling, bespoke woodwork can make your house feel cosier, more modern and more like a home.

Read on to discover why we think you should be incorporating some reclaimed timber goodness into your life.

You’ll Make Your Home a Rustic Retreat

Whether you prefer your interior bright and airy or dark and moody, reclaimed wood promises to inject some cosiness into it. You can make almost any kind of furniture from reclaimed wood, be it a chair, a table or a bed. We recommend choosing a warm-coloured wood that will make a statement in any room. Dark metal works particularly well with neutral wood to achieve an industrial feel - an interior style that’s becoming increasingly popular this decade.

Reclaimed timber is also an elegant and timeless choice for window panels, bannisters and doors. Reclaimed timber is an ideal choice for outdoor installation due to its dense grain.

Wood is One of Those Rare Things That Get Better With Age

That ‘old wood’ look is so desirable and charming that many people are actively trying to weather their wooden items at home. Reclaimed timer boasts a beautiful texture, patina and depth that simply can’t be achieved with new wood. It’s both modern and rustic and will serve your home for generations.

Reclaimed wood is also better suited for floors and joinery than new timber, being less likely to split. Its previous weathering has meant that it won’t expand or contract any further, making it an attractively reliable choice for your home.

You’ll Be Doing Your Bit For The Environment

Wood waste generates a whopping 4.5 million tonnes a year. The UK alone contributes 3000 tonnes of usable timber to that number, with most of it being burned or sent to landfills. That’s a whole lot of unnecessary damage to the plant.

Opting for reclaimed timber is a fail-safe way to slow down deforestation, reduce your carbon footprint and protect the world's wildlife.

You’re Guaranteed Something Completely Unique

No two pieces of wood are the same. Each showcases a unique pattern of rings, lines, grain and texture, making your reclaimed timber design a one-of-a-kind feature. Reclaimed wood special. It’s not something that’s been mass produced. It has been previously loved, and has weathered its own rich history, making it a wonderful option for those who like to make meaningful purchases.

We hope this short read has encouraged you to fall in love with the magic of reclaimed timber. It’s our passion to turn this weathered wood into something you’ll cherish for years and years.

If you’re interested in purchasing a bespoke piece of furniture, or would like to enquire about our joinery services, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

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