When it comes to bespoke furniture the largest variable is the material itself. The beauty in the material can create the most breath-taking results.

Materials we use include, raw timber, oak, metals and many more. Each with its own merits and beauty.

The section of timber used can vastly change the look and function of any piece of furniture, and this is where handmade bespoke furniture really comes into its own.

After the species of wood has been chosen, which is much down to personal preference, the craftsman will look at the grain, pattern direction and colour throughout the making process. All these aspects can either make or break a piece of furniture and it takes a lot of time, skills and a good eye to guarantee beautiful results.

Oak, ash and walnut are always firm favourites, they have a warmth and dependability about them that appeals to a lot of people. Many exotic species are simply stunning in colour and pattern.

Environmental responsibility is always on our mind and all the timber we use is FSC certified. Any timber that cannot be use is sent to the local timber recycling plant. This is something that we consider the norm, it is not a selling point just good sense!

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